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CPTG Essential Oils

Essential oils have been around since the beginning of time when plants were first created. The oil sack found on each plant is the essential part...

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Clean Whole Food Nutrition

Good healthy nutrition is the basis for good health. Start this process by making your own Essential green smoothies.

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Daily exercise for overall health must be a lifestyle habit for any age. Without it, deterioration of the body sets in as well as potential...

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The other day I got the flu somehow. I felt terrible. I wanted someone to just put me out of my misery. My body was achy, I was cold and my stomach was nauseated. I remembered that I had essential oils for that. I stayed home from work that day and felt worse as the day progressed. I put a couple of drops of Digestzen into a gel capsule and swallowed it to help calm my stomach. Within about one minute literally my stomach was feeling calmed down. Then I took another capsule of Onguard a blend of oils for to unwanted bacteria or pathogens. I slept well that night and by the next day when I woke up my stomach felt 95% better. I went to work the next day. It was one of the shortest lasting seasonal or environmental threats I’ve ever had gone within a few hours.


When my daughter was about 5 she would have febrile seizures (when her temperature would spike she would have a seizure). The doctor said their was nothing they could do. She would most likely out grow them. As parents we were very concerned and didn’t know what to do. A friend introduced us to essential oils and said this may help. Rub some on the bottom of her feet at night.
One time we were traveling out of state and had stopped for dinner at a Soup or Salad restaurant. We were sitting there eating and my daughter happened to be sitting on my lap at the time. All of the sudden she had a seizure. Her body and head went limp. Her eyes went back and her head went down into the plate. My wife said where is the oil bottle? Then I remembered it was in my purse in the car. My husband ran out frantically and stumbled around and finally was relieved to have found the bottle. We immediately took her shoes off and put the oil on her feet. Within a couple of minutes she started to come out of it! What a scary and embarrassing feeling to have that happen in public at a restaurant. What if we had to call the paramedics? Luckily we didn’t and everything turned out ok. I am so grateful to know about natural alternatives that really work like essential oils.


For sometime I had not been able to shake a cold and congestion in my chest. It was hard to breathe well. I could not get well no matter what I did. At night it would keep me up so I wasn’t getting good rest.
My daughter told me to use some doTerra White Fir essential oil on my chest and Onguard oil. I did this reluctantly. After the first night I was amazed at how well I slept. I have since then used them faithfully until I got over it quickly when nothing else I was doing before then was working. I am now a believer in oils.

I also have struggled with getting a good nights sleep waking up at night sometimes with mind chatter. It has also affected my mood with others. The only way I could get some relief was to that Nyquil PM that worked sometimes. I never liked taking something not natural. After much talking my daughter convinced me to try putting a drop of Serenity oil and Balance oil blends on my feet before going to bed. I was amazed that my sleep improved and felt more rested than I had in a long time. If I happen to wake up I apply more and go back to sleep!

Paul H