June 2015

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  • What does it take to live healthier and preventively?

    Want to live a richer, fuller, healthier, preventive lifestyle and save money long term?

    For my friends that know me know that I have a passion for good health and the desire to help others to do the same. I was taught from a young age what it took to live a more balanced life healthily […]

  • Make Over Your Gym Bag To The Ideal One


    Build the ideal gym bag to handle the needs of the most hardcore workouts! This gym bag solves the lack of workout endurance (better healthier alternative than energy drinks and shots), soothes the aches and pains, cools down the body, reduces the body fat and cellulite and keeps your mind in the mode of wanting […]

  • Essential oils enhance #belief and #visualization results

    Add these three essential oils to visualizing your dreams every day, morning and evening to  enhancing your results. Try it for 30 days.
    Wild Orange – Enhances and teaches abundance in life, mood and lowers stress

    Clary Sage – Enhances clarity and vision eliminating blocks

    Cassia – similar to cinnamon – Enhances gladness and courage dispeling fear replacing […]

  • The power of health visualization

    Imaging is a very powerful way to create what you want to create how you want events or health to be in the future according to Norman Vincent Peale.

    If your wish is to achieve a particular weight, body shape, amount of money, landing a new job, a different outcome of a stressful situation, or any […]

  • Come learn about essential oils

    Come attend a class to learn about one of the most powerful ways an individual can improve their health in more ways with essential oils!

    Natural Solutions For Healthy Living

    Jumpstart Invite

  • Are you bugged?


    TerraShield combines a proprietary blend of highly effective and safe essential oils in a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil to help ward off insects. A primary function of essential oils in plants is protecting against insects and other predators. Unlike other products that contain synthetic and toxic chemicals, TerraShield is a natural approach to […]

  • The Combat Bag

    For hard core workouts consider the combat workout bag! Check it out here and watch the video!

    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjWKf1f4_2s&w=560&h=315]

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