October 2018

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  • Why You Need The Right #Turmeric Daily

    New from doTERRA™ and Wellevated! 

    Turmeric can be found from a lot of different suppliers. It can be confusing who has the best utilizable and potent source. doTERRA is CPTG (certified pure therapeutic grade direct from the grower)
    doTERRA™ Turmeric should be part of your daily morning ritual. 
    Taking care of yourself & live preventive
    A more verstile […]

  • Finally! #Essential #Oils For #Kids#Moms

    Finally, a line of essential oils made with kids in mind!

    An exciting New collection of blends just for kids needs from the most trusted name in essential oils – doTERRA™ and Wellevated for support.

    Why not give kids something specially designed for them thats the purest and most natural?

    Watch this fun video on them…..



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