7 Ways To Keep The #Love Spark Alive Beyond #Valentines

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For many couples, keeping that Valentine spark of love and intimacy is hard if it isn’t nurtured daily.When it isn’t nurtured daily, contention and conflict builds so couples drift away. Marriage isn’t supposed to be filled contention and conflict, it should be filled with love, mutual sacrifices for each other, lack of selfishness, and good honest open communication.

Stress, fatigue, too busy schedules, lack of making quality personal time for  your loved one enough of a priority, and lack of balance is hard to keep that love spark happening. Setting your priorities for your time is essential with your spouse.

Is your passion, sexuality and communication in your relationship waning? Take action now because it’s not healthy! Relationship health is even more important than going to the gym or eating healthy.

Here are 7 ways to keep that love spark alive 365 days after Valentines day.

  1. Schedule planned time for your lover everyday!
  2. Realize your lover must and is your top priority
  3. Spend quality time listening to each other to understand with compassion
  4. Ask how you can be supportive regularly
  5. Spend 15-30 minutes relaxing and de-stressing
  6. Make time to be intimate to give and receive
  7. Use essential oils to stay balanced, less stressed, open communication and enhance intimacy

Some recommended essential oils that can be very supportive in intimacy or to your relationship in general.  Who couldn’t use a little help in this area?

Essential oil scents have a direct connection to the limbic region of our brain (the emotional part). When we breathe them in the brain picks up on that.  The nose knows, thanks to our olfactory system!

Essential oils are effective several ways: In a diffuser to fragrance the air, a drop or two in your hands an inhaling, as a bath oil, on your face, hair or trigger points on the body, and as a massage oil when added to a base oil like fractionated (liquified coconut oil or pure virgin olive oil). Contact me for more information.

Only use CPTG essential oils. They are the most effective and pure.

Balance – balances body systems and create grounding reducing mood swings.

Wild Orange – increases tenderness, abundant feel, gratitude, and cheerfulness to relationship.

Ylang Ylang – known as an aphrodisiac. Increases sexual desire, calms anxiety, opens emotions. Dispels feeling of anger, jealousy and envy. Can help with impotence and limited sexual response.

Lime – Adds joyfulness, laughter, increases sexual desire and ease anxiety.

Passion – Helps create passion and for each other as well as passion for achieving life fulfillment.


Ginger – Boots vigor and heats up the sexual feeling when it’s waning. Ignites passion and desire.

Clary Sage – Seductive, sensual, exhilarating and euphoric. Boosts the desire, calms and soothes stress and anxiety, lessening inhibitions and deepens communication between partners.

Here is a blend you can try out next week to start it off. It’s worth it! Email me if you would like other recipes.

Loving Massage blend

2 drops Geranium Oil

3 drops Sandalwood Oil

2 drops Ylang Ylang

3 Drops Clary Sage Oil

1/4 c Fractionated (liquified coconut oil), or pure virgin olive oil or lotion.

Remember these oils go a long ways for many uses and are very inexpensive per drop to use as well as being the best quality.

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