8 Reasons Why This #Gym Kicks Butt

Lifeline Trainstation Portable Gym

This is one of the most versatile home gyms on the market. I love it and have used it for years. You can do almost anything you would do in a regular gym or supplement your workouts when you can’t make it in.

#1 Great for general fitness, toning or strengthening without the wear and tear on the joints like free weights or machines.

#2 This gym fits in a gym bag, suit case for travel or desk drawer at work, so you never have the lose the momentum of your workouts with excuse!

#3 Works off of a standard door with an adjustable height

# 4 Costs under $50.00!

#5 Convenience! For the busy on the go person this gym saves workout time and travel time to and from a gym or if the weather is bad.

#6 For the overweight person who wants to exercise but holds back going to the gym because of embarrassment they can start a workout at home first.

#7 A great low tech, low cost gym for physical rehab and personal trainers

#8 Variable resistance cables and attachments. Strength training to cardio workouts. It just makes simple sense!

Click here to order the Trainstation Gym. Feel better and put the excuses to rest.

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