#Blessings Of Being #Quarantined

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With all the weird, odd, and strange things happening as a result of the virus, what could possibly be good or a blessing?

When life’s challenges come there are also blessings and personal growth that make us stronger, closer, and even bring happiness!

This is the time to have and show gratitude for the most important things in life you may take for granted, Your life, your spouse, loved ones, your parents, children, friends, your health, this country, and much more. You are blessed in so many ways! Try to list 10 or more every day.

15 Blessings During Quarantine.

Remember all those times you said you were too busy to do this or that? Now is the time to make good on it. You have the time, make it count for good.

  1. Show appreciation to your spouse or significant other by doing something thoughtful. Tell them how much you love and appreciate them being in your life. Ask how can you love and support them better during this time? (Don’t quarrel or show disrespect). *This is the time to come together as families during hard times, not apart.
  2. Remember family and friends are everything. Be a good family member and friend. If you need to say you’re sorry for something negative in the past do it, whether you think you are at fault or not. Be the bigger person. What if you never get a chance to make things right? You will feel freed.
  3. Talk with your kids, spend one on one time. Ask them how they are doing handling the virus? What are their fears? What are their dreams in life? How can you help and support them better? Give them a hug, tell them you love them.
  4. If you aren’t a religious person, now is the time to read scriptures and pray for strength and deliverance. The stories help build faith and hope like others who have had challenges in history. You are loved. God will bless you.  It works!
  5. Set some new life goals or put together a blessing board with pictures of your dreams. Look at it morning and night for 5 minutes. Are you on the right path to achieve?
  6. Exercise, exercise, exercise.  Take walks, learn yoga, jump rope, lift soup cans if you’re not very strong to start out, order a resistive gym. Just get up and move throughout the day, it will help your mental state and de-stress.
  7. Avoid excessive alcohol or drugs as a way out of stressful times. Being intoxicated can promote hurtful behavior.
  8. Love and be grateful for yourself. Realize you have a lot to live for and a lot of good to share. You are on this earth for a good reason.
  9. Get the proper amount of rest on a schedule even if you’re not working.
  10. Read a book, listen to an online book, learn something new that would help you in your profession or a hobby.
  11. Look for ways to give service to others and not be self-consumed by your own problems. Drop off food or a snack to your neighbor on their doorstep. Contact a friend or family member you haven’t talked to in a while. Raise their spirits and hope.
  12. Diffuse or breathe in essential oils that can help you to relax or promote a happy attitude.  Learn about essential oils and their emotional benefits.
  13. Clean out a room or garage you’ve been putting off.
  14. Give someone in your home a back massage to relieve stress.
  15. Smile and find ways to be happy.

If you follow these ideas you will make your quarantine a blessing.

Mark is a certified life coach helping people with life challenges to move forward.

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