• Can You Say A.E.I.O.U? #wellness #fitness #diet #health

    Can you say A.E.I.O.U when it comes to health? A.E.I.O.U. are vowels of the english language. They are also rules so to speak. When followed it is what makes up the words we speak when put them together correctly. So it is with our health too. We live more correctly or healthy.

    I’d like to talk […]

  • 7 Ways To Keep The #Love Spark Alive Beyond #Valentines

    This blog is about intimacy, emotional health and life balance.

    For many couples, keeping that Valentine spark of love and intimacy isn’t hard when it’s nurtured daily.  When it isn’t nurtured daily, contention and conflict build so couples drift away. Marriage and relationships aren’t supposed to be filled contention and conflict, it should be filled with […]

  • 22 Ways To Make Things Better For 2019

    Before starting this new year get rid of old baggage from the past. Free yourself!  Start fresh and be happier by starting with these 22 keepers.

    Here’s how to make 2019 a best year. It may take guts for some but it’s worth it in the end.

    Feel a weight and burden lifted that you’ve probably been […]

  • #BlackFriday #CyberMonday Wellcare Health System Kit

    Get the Elevation Total Health System and Tool Kit!  Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale.

    Healthcare costs rising to be an unaffordable amount for most people this is the prefect gift solution to taking control of your costs and health!

    Change up your total health having the right tools and support you’ve been missing for years, until […]

  • Why You Need The Right #Turmeric Daily

    New from doTERRA™ and Wellevated! 

    Turmeric can be found from a lot of different suppliers. It can be confusing who has the best utilizable and potent source. doTERRA is CPTG (certified pure therapeutic grade direct from the grower)
    doTERRA™ Turmeric should be part of your daily morning ritual. 
    Taking care of yourself & live preventive
    A more verstile […]

  • Finally! #Essential #Oils For #Kids#Moms

    Finally, a line of essential oils made with kids in mind!

    An exciting New collection of blends just for kids needs from the most trusted name in essential oils – doTERRA™ and Wellevated for support.

    Why not give kids something specially designed for them thats the purest and most natural?

    Watch this fun video on them…..



  • #Moms Help #Kids In #Sports

    Extracurricular activities are a big part of being a kid. Hours of sports and dance practices, along with games and competitions each week give your kids the exercise they need.

    Essential oils have many applications to help keep your little athletes on track.

    Watch this short video and find out how these moms are doing it differently, […]

  • #Moms Help #Kids Succeed Going Back To #School


    Moms are the main source in most families to make sure their kids have all the school supplies, clothes, backpacks needed for going back to school.

    Moms are usually the ones that help their kids with homework and meeting with teachers. They know their kids best and they love them. They want them to succeed in […]

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