Can you say…A.E.I.O.U?

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Can you say A.E.I.O.U when it comes to health? A.E.I.O.U. are vowels of the english language. They are also rules so to speak. When followed it is what makes up the words we speak when put them together correctly. So it is with our health too. We live more correctly or healthy.

I’d like to talk about these vowels or rules of the english language and how they relate to the laws of health. When we follow good rules in life they are ususally meant to be good or beneficial to us, right? If we follow the rules or laws like traffic lights we don’t get in crashes or killed. If we follow the rules or laws of A.E.I.O.U. in relation to health we also benefit, right? It’s true.

Here are the A.E.I.O.U.’s of health and you will benefit too! They are true laws. If we live by these rules below we will have better health. It’s part of the laws of health.

= Alkaline diet. We should have a PH -Potential Hydrogen of 7.4. Take a PH home test to determine your PH from urine. 80% of diet should be plant based. Did you know that their is almost twice as much protein in Spinach or Kale than beef? A high percentage of diseases could be eliminated by a healthy diet.  We don’t need to eat as much meat as we do. Their is little reason for it. (See the China Study link below)

E = Enzymes. What you eat needs to be digested. As we age our digestion ability decreases. This also includes supplements. Cheap supplements will be found in the gut for weeks whole and undigested. If we don’t digest our food we don’t get the nutrition from it even if we are eating healthy foods.  Ask a radiologist how many times they see undigested supplements on an xray. A high quality engyme supplement would be supportive and enzyme rich foods..

I = Immune System. 70% of the immune system takes place in the gut! A strong balance of good bacteria in the gut is important. If you get sick easily and often, improve your level of good bacteria with a high quality probiotic and supportive foods. Most yogurts may not be a good choice if they have sugar/sweetners added and extra fat. A good high quality probiotic supplement maybe your answer and avoid the dairy.

O = Oxygen. Breathing in from your heart deeply, hold it in for 15 seconds and blow it out fully with all the bad when you exhale. All the cells of the body need to be oxygenated. It is relaxing, and de-stressing to the body. Do this everyday twice a day. Cardio exercise would also be a good oxygenating activity.

U = Unique. You are good enough!!! Positive self talk is therapeutic. You need to believe in yourself and that you can and do overcome challenges of life. See or Visualize daily yourself being healthier and happier with a smile. Look at yourself in the mirror when you get up in the morning and when you brush your teeth before going to bed saying positive afformations (as though you already are in the past tense) like,  How did I get to be so healthy? How is it that I attract wealth so easily? Why am I always good enough? Essential oils are a good support in strenghtening emotions.

and Y = Yuck. Eliminate processed foods, GMO foods, fast food, soda’s, energy drinks, unfiltered waters for drinking or bathing. Eliminate all possible toxins in food and environment. Be educated about food labels when you shop and support organic.

With some adjustments in your life I hope you can say A.E.I.O.U. and Y in the next few months by following the laws of health. No one is perfect at this but we can feel better than we do with it and greatly reduce potential problems for a better qualty of life longer.

If you would like to get more information or personal coaching on this and my Wellevated wellness program contact me at

Best of health to you!

Check out and read the China Study on health


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