Change up your water from boring

Drinking water

Change up water with different flavors and health effects with essential oils. Only add oils to a glass bottle not plastic. Make sure the brand is made for internal or CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) use before using.

1-2 drops of Peppermint oil – Peppermint is very invigorating and awakening to the senses. Helps increase workout endurance to go farther, wake you up in the morning or pep you up in the afternoon lull. Better than an energy drink.

2-3 or drops or to taste Cinnamon oil – Cinnamon increases circulation and is stimulating. Sweet and tasty.

3-4 drops Lemon oil – Lemon is refreshing, uplifts emotions (focus, mental fatigue) weight, and purifies water.

3-4 drops Grapefruit oil – Grapefruit is refreshing, uplifts emotions, overeating, and weight.

2 drops or to taste Wild Orange Oil – Refreshing, uplifts emotions.

Others: Lime oil or Fennel oil (tastes like black licorice) or just experiment with oils.

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