#Food Is Medicine or It’s a Slow Poison


Eat for health

These days with the quality of food being degraded by growers using pesticides, GMO’s and fewer manufactures or the FDA are willing to be transparent about telling us what is really in our food to be responsible. It is very scarry if most of us really took the time to read the labels and understand them we wouldn’t be eating them we would be spitting them out.

You would be shocked at what you are putting into your mouth throughout the day! Much of it really isn’t even nutritious food… it’s disguised posion that tastes good. Too many of us are ignorant, and too busy to be bothered to informed. It’s coming back at a high price.

It’s like the story of the frog who was put in a pot of water that was slowly warmed up until he was finally cooked! It’s the same analogy with many of us, we don’t make it enough of a priority to know that when we go to the grocery store our fruits and vegetables are sprayed with chemicals with their slow acting poison or grown GMO’s. Then we wonder, how did that disease get in my body?

My wife died from toxic poisons I believe. When it hits home then it’s many times too late. My plea to you is to make the time to be informed, your life, your spouse, your family and friends lives are at risk. Beware of the word “Natural” by food manufacturers. It’s now become a disceptive term not what you and I think, so you will believe it must be healthy.

For me, I support local natural growers, non GMO, pesticide free and try to do my best to read labels. I’m not going to be a sucker to supporting food manufacturers who’s main interest is the bottom line. I love myself, my family and my friends. I don’t want to live a sickly expensive life. I hope you feel the same way. Make it a priority. Demand the best.

“The quality of your food will be the quality of your health and longevity”. Mark Graves

Thank you Ann Wigmore for your true to life quote.

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