The First Step

To get started in your health transformation, you must have a real desire to personally want to take control of your health. It must be with a passion for change, get educated on what to do and then do it consistently until it’s a natural habit. If it’s to be, it’s up to me attitude.

Get Familiar And Follow The Wellevated 6 Step WellCare Health Plan

This is your cake recipe so to speak for better health. If you leave any one step out of the pyramid or ingredient like the eggs your cake won’t turn out right. Only then will you see success.

6 Power Steps To Living Healthier Wellevated!

What Are Your Top 3 Health Priorities?

Consider getting a physical from your doctor and a blood test like below to establish a baseline to monitor your health goals.

Take the Vitality Health Assessment to learn where you strengths and less strong areas of your health are:
Be a part of the 90 Day Health Transformation to jump start your health in the right direction

Start With One Of These General Lab Tests

No doctors visit necessary to order any tests