#Moms Help #Kids Succeed Going Back To #School


Moms are the main source in most families to make sure their kids have all the school supplies, clothes, backpacks needed for going back to school.

Moms are usually the ones that help their kids with homework and meeting with teachers. They know their kids best and they love them. They want them to succeed in life because it hurts to see them struggle…. Right?

What about what kids need to succeed with proper nutritional health, brain health, emotional ups and downs support, strong immune system, memory, lack of focus, stressed, and worry?

Many times this support is forgotten or moms just don’t know what natural resources are at their disposal when preparing for school and throughout the year. When kids have the right tools just like paper and pencils it makes for a less stressful school year for kids and moms. Life goes a little smoother.

Here are some simple healthy, effective, natural options that are essential to make sure your kids have a different rest of the year starting off on a better foot going forward.

Arm your kids or grandkids with these tools. doTERRA™ essential oils are the best potent natural choice I’ve ever found anywhere.

I encourage you to get them now as part of your school supplies!

Oils for school


If you are a mom and have questions about your child I’d love to connect and help. Reach out to me.


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