Wellevated® Health Plan, Health Monitoring Kit & Coaching


If you’re looking forward to monitor your life’s well being, get the services of the best life and health coaching in Denver. Get the best advices at the best rates from our experts.

Every home needs a total health monitoring kit to be in the know about their health and achieve their health goals. Your doctor may not always be available. Helpful with a telemedicine phone call. This is self-care empowerment at home!

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This third part of the Wellevated® WellCare package comes with the following:

*Wellevated® ebook manual on how to start and follow your self-directed health plan
*Coaching package of 5 sessions focusing on your health priorities.
*Vitality Health Assessment, Lifestyle Overview
* Discount on Lab Tests
*Set up and use of the products in your WellCare kit, a plan to teach you how and what to do to address your current and future health priorities.
*Digital Blood Pressure and Pulse Monitor – Wrist
(Displays systolic, diastolic blood pressure, pulse rate, date & time. Also detects an irregular heartbeat. Heart detection is proven accurate German Hypertension League). With storage case.
*Dual Head Stethoscope
*Digital Thermometer
*Ear, Nose, Eye, Throat Penlight
*Body Fat/BMI Digital Analyzer

Get the most out of our life and health coaching in Denver with the best experts and practices which will ensure you a healthier lifestyle.


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