Wellevated® Portable Fitness Gym Kit


Our awesome home portable gym in Castle Rock does most every move to strengthen, tone, build, increase flexibility, and cardio. Feel and look great! Used by Fitness, Bodybuilders, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, patients and, Weight loss enthusiasts for many years. Take it with you on vacation, or on business trips, or use it as a backup when you can’t make it to the gym, or inclement weather.


Workout upper body, lower body, core, extremities, neck, rehab, and cardio at various angles! Cardio belt for indoor resistive running/running patterns, walking, abs, and low back workouts, Be creative with your own moves.

* With our portable gym in Castle Rock, there is no need for expensive gym equipment.
* Fits on any standard size door.
* Comes with: Two adjustable strap pulleys, two handles, one wrist/ankle
attachment, cardio/core/head belt, two 30 lb adjustable resistive
adjustable cables (other lb cables can be purchased).
* Easier on joints than free weights.
* Wellevated exercise video available.
* Coaching support help
* 1 -10 pk box doTERRA tm Deep Blue Rub Rub creme packets, and AromaTouch doTERRA
tm mini size therapeutic essential oil blend for aches, muscle tension, stiffness & faster
pre-and post-recovery.


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