Physical and Emotional Support Using Essential Oils




CPTG  – Essential oils will play a key role in managing your lower healthcare use, costs, how you feel physically, emotionally and other factors in living a healthier preventive life. Essential oils are the top key supporting effect to every step of the health pyramid and other parts of your daily quality of life. It is extremely important to understand them and use them.


What is a doTERRA essential oil?


Why quality matters

The best quality high value essential oils are doTERRA . I’ve used others. I would be doing you a disservice recommending anything different. My wellness program is based on quality changes and higher outcomes you feel!  doTERRA CPTG (certified pure therapeutic grade) are the only essential oil company that meets highest standards of quality, purity, potency and safety. When comparing, there is a difference in brands, price and end results. Other brands just don’t work the same, smell the same or go through the same processes from growing to finished product. Even oils that have been labeled natural, organic, pure, 100% pure or wild crafted. This changes the user’s satisfaction, safety, and end results. doTERRA is used by more health professionals.Learn about the process, growers, distillers, scientists and medical advisor that benefit you.   Most extensive testing methods to pass as certified pure therapeutic grade. doTERRA has the best outcomes of any essential oil producer which is why they are the largest seller of essential oils in the world.


Essential Oils Are Used for Supporting All Your Body Systems

  • Muscular/Connective Tissue System –
  • Skeletal System –
  • Cardiovascular/Circulatory System
  • Endocrine System  –
  • Immune System –
  • Digestive System – 
  • Emotional System  
  • Nervous System –  
  • Respiratory System 
  • Integumentary System/Skin 



Oils are also used for daily living, personal care and DIY.

Traditional Application Methods

Topically (on skin)  Aromatically (breathing in)   Internally (Orally – only doTerra)

What are essential oils?

Essential oils (video) are powerful aromatic compounds found in plant nature. They are 50-70 times more potent and powerful than herbs. One drop of peppermint oil is equal to 28 cups of peppermint tea.

“Oils work with the body to address issues and root causes on a cellular level”doTERRA oils are in the blood stream within minutes after applying. The oil is the natural defense system of how a plant stays healthy. We can benefit in the same way. Essential oils are a very safe, effective science backed method to balancing the body. They have been used for centuries safely and successfully. Essential oils have improved my family and friend’s quality of life and saved me hundreds of dollars!

Start with a doTERRA Essential Oil Kit

Start your health transformation by getting a Natural Solutions Kit to support your new healthy preventive lifestyle. This is a must in having to managing your health and wellness responsibly in my years of experience in health. Better health starts with you and I first. has all the necessary range of products you’ll need in one convenient kit. This is what changed our family’s health to better and it will yours too! It’s a huge value that can’t be beat. Other single oils and other kits to choose from.  Shop hereThese oils are cost effective. Most oils are pennies per drop to use. It’s affordable as it could ever get to manage your health.

I will coach and teach you how to use these essential oils. You won’t be left alone to do it on your own.


Most popular “Natural Solutions Kit” shown:


Free sample of essential oils upon request. I want to share with you the power of an essential oil so you can have a

positive effect.


Learn More:


Essential Oils for Beginners    

Aromatic Uses of Essential Oils

Internal Uses of Essential Oils

Topical Uses of Essential Oils

Essential Oils and Personal Care

For other learning events and questions contact: [email protected]


So, you want to get the best effective essential oils at the lowest prices?

Enroll today with a wholesale account and a monthly LRP Loyalty Rewards order.  


A wholesale account is for people committed to better natural, safer health practices and prevention monthly.Get 25% off retail prices. Save up to 55% off with the Loyalty Rewards (graduated up over a 12-month period) Program and get FREE product of your choice. Everyone loves getting free product. As you are committed to having a healthier life you will be consuming these products monthly for maintenance like your car needs, so you will need to be replenishing monthly. You wouldn’t stop getting gas, oil changes, new tires, etc. just because you replaced it once for your car. It would fall apart with neglect.


Good health is not a one-time event it’s a daily lifetime process. doTERRA LRP rewards you for your commitment with less cost.

Questions? Contact [email protected] Optional: If you are inclined to want to share essential oils with others, I’m looking for partners.


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