Get up and move!!

We all know daily exercise has many benefits and is a must for EVERY age!  Without it, deterioration of the body sets in as well as potential injuries and health risks accelerate.
Exercise is prevention. We are not meant to have sedentary lives sitting for long periods each day. 


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Some benefits of exercise:

    • Help control your weight
    • Reduces stresses and promote relaxation
    • Increases circulation and moving toxins out
    • Reduce your risk of heart diseases
    • Help your body manage blood sugar and insulin levels
    • Improve your mental health and mood
    • Help keep your thinking, learning, and judgment skills sharp as you age. 
    • Strengthen your bones and muscles
    • Reduce your risk of some cancers
    • Reduce your risk of falls
    • Improve your sleep
    • Improve your sexual health
    • Keeps your body operating more in balance
    • Increase your chances of living longer and looking younger

Whatever your favorite exercise is do it and be consistent 5-6 days a week. Give your body a rest and recovery time on Sunday.

For a simple, simple full-body gym you can use anywhere the Wellevated Train Station gym is my first pick.

Wellevated Train Station Total Gym


Daily exercise for overall health must be a lifestyle habit for any age.  Even if you have a gym membership you can use it for cold weather days, when you’re not in the mood to drive, traveling, or limited on time.

It’s convenience where you don’t miss a workout day.

The Train Station total gym is part of your Wellevated wellness health plan tools.

  • It’s simple to use
  • Affordable
  • Portable (At home or travel)
  • Durable resistive cables
  • Does most exercises from strength training to cardio!

 I’ve used this gym for years at home and when I travel. It kept me in shape. 

  • Adjustable height and angle portable resistive gym that attaches to any standard door. It literally adjusts to do almost any exercise you would go to a gym.
  • Muscle strengthening, flexibility, and toning
  • Cardio belt and wrist/ankle strap optional
  • Easier and safer on the joints than free weights.
  • No excuse to not exercise with this gym. Fits anywhere, goes anywhere compact.
  • Exercise for wheelchair-bound.
  • Higher quality resistive cables are more accurate pound resistance because of their layered latex. Lasts years longer than other tubing devices.
  • Easy to use

Comes with:

Two-door pully straps with patented, secure two-way steel buckles safely and easily connect to doors for a total body resistance cable workout wherever you are or go. Interchangeable handles and adjustable anchor points allow for pushes, pulls, curls and presses from a variety of resistance levels, angles, and planes to efficiently target specific muscles and create balanced strength for fewer injuries and more complete physical fitness and athletic performances. 


Contact us for more info and pricing on other resistance cables.

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Essential Oils Work To Enhance Effectiveness ForAny Sport, Fitness, Personal Training, Chiropractic or Physical Therapy Setting


Feel the results go up!

Essential oils used with exercise aid in:

  • Desire and passion to exercise when you’re not so much in the mood
  • Increased feeling of health, energy, and wellbeing
  • Prevention of muscle stress and injury.
  • Aid the body in faster recovery
  • Extends endurance
  • Any sport or workout more enjoyable and effective

doTERRA™ Athletes Kit

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doTERRA™ Yoga Kit

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  • The perfect yoga poses to pair with doTERRA Anchor’s aroma are Seated Meditation, Seated Twist, and Bhu Mudra (one hand on the heart, the other on the Earth). 
  • Ideal yoga poses with doTERRA Align’s aroma are Warrior II, Triangle, and Gate pose. 
  • Use doTERRA Arise while practicing the following yoga poses: standing arms high, standing side stretch, and Half Moon. 


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