Six Ways Your #Emotions Would Be Much B-e-t-t-e-r

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Emotions and moods are a powerful tool that can serve us and those around us very well, making us feel happy, satisfied, joyful and content with life.  (Check out the attached emotions chart (pdf) below and find the emotions you would like to enhance more or get more control of).

Emotions and moods that aren’t serving us well make us sad, unhappy, angry, out of balance not only emotionally but can also be the root cause of creating long term physical health problems. Ever been acused of being moody, causing needless drama, unforgiving or know of someone like that?

These emotions not only affect how we are feeling at the time but also affect others.

Therapeutic grade essential oils when breathed in aromatically or applied to the skin can change an emotion within minutes when it gets into the brain. Oils are natural compounds found in plants and distilled.

One women was driving her children to school one morning and she was tired of her kids complaining about school and bugging each other. She decided to turn on the air vent and put some wild orange oil on her finger and let it blow into the air. Within minutes the kids had changed their conversation away from complaining to happier.

What are your emotions like most of the time? How could they be better? Are their certain situations that set your emotions off on a roller coaster that bug you and others?

How are your emotions helping you or costing you in your relationships, your work, getting raises, lack of friends, happiness level, etc?

Some employees decided to play a trick on the grouch at the office. When he left his desk they hurrily put some essential oil on a cottonball and taped it to the underside of his desk without him knowing. Within minutes his attitude was less than grouchy complaining like he normally was.

Oils work very well with children and their moodiness. Give it a try. Better than medication and side effects.

Check out the attached emotions chart (pdf) below and find the emotions you would like to enhance more or get rid of.  Find the oil that best fits what you need now. Don’t tell your friends and see if anyone notices a difference in you.

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