Stressed, Worried or Angry?

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Manage The Moods In Your life and Family

Cedarwood Oil: Diffuse after a stressed day
Geranium Oil: Diffuse to calm nerves
Calming blend Oil: Diffuse to help promote relaxation and peace

Arborvitae Oil: Diffuse at night or rub on forehead, shoulders, or chest to lessen stress and tension
Pachouli Oil: Rub on temples or apply to the bottoms of feet to calm emotions
Ylang Ylang Oil: Put a few drops into Epsom salt bath relaxation

Massage blend Oil: Add to bath or use diluted with virgin olive oil for massage
Frankincense Oil: Apply to the bottoms of feet to relax and balance mood swings.
Roman Chamomile Oil: Add 1-2 drops to herbal teas to sooth the body and mind
Vetiver Oil: Diffuse aromatically or use topcially with other calming essential oils such as Lavender, Calming Blend, Balancing Blend to help calm stress.

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