The power of health visualization

Looking into mirror

Imaging is a very powerful way to create what you want to create how you want events or health to be in the future according to Norman Vincent Peale.

If your wish is to achieve a particular weight, body shape, amount of money, landing a new job, a different outcome of a stressful situation, or any multitude of desires one might have. You can have it! Have you ever heard the saying, seeing is believing? Well, it’s true. Seeing is believing. How do you do it?

Look in the mirror and image, not an obese female but a new and vibrant beautiful woman who has a beautiful toned figure and is happy.

If you hold that image in your mind for one minute every morning when you wake up and one minute every night just before you fall asleep, if you ask for spiritual strength to persevere, the dream will actualize it’s self. I’m sure of it!  Ingrain that image believing in detail, as tho it’s already happened and when it does it will be not surprise. because you always knew it from the start.

Practice it starting tonight with whatever it is that is a thorn in your side. Visualize a different outcome for 30 days. You’ll be amazed at the power of detailed, focused visualization. Let me know how it worked for you.

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