What does it take to live healthier and preventively?

Want to live a richer, fuller, healthier, preventive lifestyle and save money long term?

For my friends that know me know that I have a passion for good health and the desire to help others to do the same. I was taught from a young age what it took to live a more balanced life healthily because my parents did and what they did worked amazingly well. We hardly ever went to a doctor growing up and still don’t.

About 20-25 years ago I started asking myself what would I do to keep myself healthy and live a preventive lifestyle especially if I didn’t have access to a doctor. What could I do on my own that worked and was simple?

Those questions asked back then are more important to all of us more than ever. Just look at our failing government health program and deteriorating and unaffordable insurance. If you and I don’t act proactively and preventively on our own for ourselves and our family we will be in a scary downhill situation with little help.

There are a lot of confusing voices out their that tell you that our company that sells this healthy juice, or take your meds regularly is living wellness, this exercise program, or this stop eating patch is wellness. Everyone says they are the ones to come to for wellness. Part of the problem is they are all bits and pieces of wellness and some of these things really aren’t healthy. It is so confusing to most people, that they never stay with any of it after a while. They never come away knowing what to do for themselves as an overall program.

I know what it takes to live healthy and if you want to too, I have a plan that works! It is outlined in my step by step Wellevated health pyramid. It’s complete, it’s sound sage principles with the information and tools to implement it. We prevent a lot of illness in our family.

I have wellness classes, webinars and website to help teach these correct principles.

What qualifies me to have this program? I am first a father who has raised four healthy kids who hardly have gone to the doctor in their life, a late wife who dealt with cancer and prolonged her life living healthy experiencing death, and an owner of a wellness/medical supply company for years selling equipment, vitamins, fitness/rehab equipment to doctors, physical therapists, and corporate and fitness wellness centers. I’ve helped teach and service thousands of professionals over the years.

I am passionate about helping you succeed! That means living preventively, being more balanced physically and emotionally and saving money long term. I hope you will reach out to me and let me know what your needs are.

Check out my wellness pyramid on this site, contact me about your top three health concerns. Know that you must invest in yourself to get educated and act if anything is going to improve.

Steps In the Wellevated Health Pyramid

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Your friend in health

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