Why Work With Wellevated™?

You get professional experienced support from someone who is certified with doTerra as an essential oil specialist for 10 years. Experienced working with healthcare professionals and patients for many years.
Certified Life and WellCare coach. Wellevated™ is a total health solution and tools platform.

Retail Customers:

You can purchase doTerra products at retail price and not enroll as a wholesale customer. Most people want to purchase at the lowest price. If you are not sure which account is best let us know.

Why Have A Wholesale Account?

Wholesale Customers:

doTerra has a membership program similar to a Costco or Sam’s Club membership. A membership is $35.00 and $25.00 to renew yearly. You get a free bottle of peppermint oil valued at $22.00 wholesale.
If you purchase an enrollment kit with your membership the $35.00 fee is waved.
With a wholesale membership you receive products at 25% off retail. Almost everyone has this type of account for those who enjoy saving and want to better or maintain their good health.
Your account comes with coaching and set up of your oils with your account.

Wellness Advocates Accounts: (Partnerships)

This type of account is specific for those that want to partner with Wellevated™ promoting doTerra products and other health products from Wellevated™. Want to start a business teaching, coaching, and be financially compensated? This is financial wellness. Support and training with our turnkey system. It is very rewarding, and fun! Individuals or health and wellness professionals welcome!
Contact Mark at suppt.wellevated@gmail.com for more information.

LRP (Loyalty Rewards Products)

This is a reward system that doTerra offers to those who are serious about living a committed healthy lifestyle using the right healthy products. Most of us just switch over what we were buying that wasn’t healthy from other retailers and started buying them from doTerra instead.

An LRP account is like a Southwest Airlines rewards frequent flyer. The more you fly the more you earn points. Customers who want to use non-toxic, natural plant based products daily and would reorder monthly earn points that accumulate. They can be built up and used to purchase products for FREE especially for the more expensive products. This is the way you buy BELOW wholesale price. Free is better than paying.

Earn up to 55% off in time with a monthly re-occurring order which you can customize or change monthly so you never run out. It’s not hard to meet a 125 PV order for most households when you consolidate your buying to doTerra. If your monthly order is at least 50 PV (Point Value of product) your earn points If your monthly order is 125 PV and your LRP order is placed before the 15th of the month you earn the Free essential oil of the month.

You can cancel your LRP account at any time. If you do or you don’t purchase for a month or two you can lose your points, so order something that is low cost to keep it active. You also, earn 100% points back on your shipping that accumulate too!

Our goal is to self-empower you with powerful natural solutions to know what to do,
how to be in control of your health, and save money on your healthcare.

Health Professionals and Corporate Wellness

Have an interest in developing a more complete total WellCare program at your clinic or an employee wellness program as an affiliate?
We have a total turnkey program to train and support you.
Contact us for more information at: