Roberts work out at the gym


Recently I met a guy named Robert who came into my work who is about 40 years old and married. He had just come from working out at the gym and had a shirt on representing the gym he goes to which prompted me to talk to him. We got to talking about health and what he did for staying healthy. I am always interested in talking to people to find out what they do to stay healthy. Robert interested me  particularly because of his fit toned body at his age,  and his passion for health. Robert did not look 40. He looked more like someone in his early 30’s. That’s often what happens to people who exercise and eat healthy. They look younger.  You could tell from his tone of voice he loved what exercise did for him and that he was healthy. He was different than someone who didn’t workout mentally and physically.

He started telling me about all the benefits of jumping rope and his passion for what it has done for him. He said people don’t know how beneficial it is for the heart and toning. He jumps for about 20 or more minutes. He says he also will run and jump rope on a soft surface.

Robert said that probably 75% of the guys he sees in the gym are using steroids to get big. They are just damaging their bodies in an unhealthy way. How will they look years down the road?

He said that it was interesting how cute women would come up to him at the gym and ask how he stayed so fit jumping rope. They wanted to know how to jump rope.

I also found out from talking to him that he was pretty wise. He went on to tell me that he related staying fit practicing healthy skills to those who know how to practice skills for aquiring financial wealth like Bill Gates. Those who know the formula for aquiring financial wealth will continue to get wealthier every year like a Bill Gates. It is the same with exercise, once you have the formula that works you keep doing it. Year after year you will be healthier or continue with good health.

Three benefits of jumping rope are: weight loss, cardiovascular, and muscle toning.

While more and more people are starting to join gyms in an effort to lose weight and get in shape, this isn’t always necessary–you can get a great workout just using your jump rope! Their are three ways to jump rope that can be used to improve both your health and the quality of your life. You’ll be so happy with the results, you won’t want to put the jump rope down! In fact jumping rope can be addicting.

What I got out from talking to Robert is the benefits of jumping rope and what it did for him, drinking enough water and green smoothies. You don’t have to workout with heavy weights and take steroids to look good- toned, and feel good. Jumping rope is easy, low cost, easier on the body and fits in a bag to go anywhere.

Go on this site to “Fitness” and get yourself a jump rope (different styles from regular to weighted) from Lifeline. To make it lower impact add a yoga mat to jump on. My friend Bobby Hinds who was the former owner of Lifeline was named the “Jump Rope King” the guru of jump rope exercising years ago. He started the promotion of jump rope for health program. It works, try it. You just might look sexier and younger like Robert.

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